Optimising Marketing Strategy for Joseph Joseph

Optimising Marketing Strategy for Joseph Joseph

Leveraging Performance Max

In 2022, with the introduction of Performance Max, an evolution of Smart Shopping, we recognised an opportunity to enhance Joseph Joseph’s paid media strategy. As a leading Home & Garden retailer offering a diverse range of products, our aim was to maximise ROI while effectively showcasing their product range to their target audience.


The Challenge:

Joseph Joseph’s product portfolio spans various price points, requiring a strategic approach on marketing spend allocation across campaigns. Our challenge was to maximise the promotion of different product tiers while ensuring a strong return on overall advertising spend.


The Solution:

Leveraging the enhanced audience insights provided by Performance Max, we segmented Joseph Joseph’s product feed into distinct pricing tiers.

Our approach was nuanced; we recognised that solely prioritising the highest converting or highest AOV products might not always yield the best return. Instead, we focused on ensuring the right allocation of spend across different product groupings within each tier. This allowed us to optimise the performance of products further within their respective tiers.


The Results:

Improved Performance Metrics: Key metrics such as conversion rate, average order value, and return on ad spend saw notable improvements, validating the efficacy of our approach.

Enhanced Control: The refined campaign structure provided greater flexibility in directing budget, replacing the previous algorithmic bias towards low-priced, high-converting products.

Strategic allocation of Marketing spend: Leveraging advanced audience insights and refined targeting parameters, we optimised the allocation of marketing spend across different product groupings within Joseph Joseph’s pricing tiers.

  • PMAX ROAS: 5% increase YOY

  • PMAX AOV:  19% increase YOY

  • PMAX Spend: 53% increase YOY whilst maintaining a positive ROAS


“Threepipe Reply has been instrumental in driving our digital marketing success. Their strategic approach and commitment to excellence have delivered outstanding results. Their dedication to our business has ensured ongoing noticeable improvements”

Pia Sharma – Head of Digital Marketing & CRM – Joseph Jospeh