‘Controversial, but it created the conversation we need’ – creative hits week

Article published on PRWeek.

Threepipe Reply Head of PR Sophie Lennon accentuates the positives and focuses only on the campaigns that won her favour this week.

What a week it’s been. With so many brands trying to do the right thing it would be extremely hard to criticise in this market – so I’m going to concentrate on the hits this week. In unprecedented times we think it’s OK to mix it up a bit!


Time Out becomes Time In

Simple, creative, effective and doing what it says on the tin. That’s success when it comes to a PR campaign. It’s great to see brands being ‘sensitively creative’ around the lockdown, yet still be really interesting – that’s exactly what Time Out has done with this temporary rebrand.

Still concentrating on showcasing the best of what London offers, the aim is to showcase it in your living room via a range of curated and created content. For me this meets two objectives: giving us interesting content while we are at home, yet at the same time supporting all the amazing venues, shops, independent stores that can not be open. Hats off, Time In – a great one for everyone.

McDonald’s separates arches

In a bid to try to help educate America about social distancing, McDonald’s changed its arches logo in a number of US locations, and India quickly followed suit. This is a global choice, I know, but it really caught my eye – especially having children who once in a while like a cheeky McDonald’s chicken nugget meal. I showed my children and they instantly got it – so for me it’s a tick.

It’s controversial, as I know the New York Post, in particular, wasn’t keen; however these iconic arches mean something to a lot of people, and by mixing it up in a time of crisis it has created the conversation we need – big hit from me, although currently not actioned in the UK.

The Scouts – ‘The great indoors’

In a similar vein to ‘Time In’, the much-loved Scouts has also repurposed a well-known line; from ‘The great outdoors’ to ‘The great indoors’.

Responding to the lockdown, the organisation has pulled together more than 100 online activity ideas to enable its members to complete badges, learn new skills and generally stay motivated while indoors. The campaign has so far reached more than a million people across social media and had 250,000 unique page views.

Chief Scout Bear Grylls has made blanket national news and the celebrity ambassadors have all recorded inspiring videos, which have been used across a multitude of social channels. I believe its merit is in the fact that it’s different to school home learning, and consequently kids are engaged and parents can relax with a glass of wine while they get stuck in – all in all, a great one in the circumstances.