SEO Report – Beauty sector, Hair care.

Our SEO team has prepared some insights which we hope you will find interesting.

While the beauty sector has proven pretty resilient in the last few months, it is not just down to the ‘lipstick effect’.

We have explored the growing consumer search demand, for ‘Hair Care’ products and treatments.

This has been pulled into a short presentation that you can access here:

The report demonstrates:

  • The growth trajectory in consumer search for hair care products and treatments
  • How consumers are searching in increasing detail for hair treatments
  • Which brands are winning this search demand across shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment categories

We also provide some top tips about how brands can capture this demand, through technical and content led SEO strategies.

With paid media costs continuing to rise, now is the perfect time to ensure you are capturing as much organic traffic as possible.

Hair Care_SEO