What is a brand performance agency?

As part of our new relationship with Reply, we have taken the opportunity to refresh not just our look & feel but also our positioning. This is something we tend to do every few years anyway, not just because of the rate of change in the media landscape but also because we ourselves innovate by adding new services and developing new technology.

The biggest change you may notice is that we now describe ourselves as a ‘Brand Performance Agency’. We have been thinking about this for some time now and it’s great to finally talk about it openly! For us it’s not simply a choice between investing in brand or performance channels, the reality is that both need to be thought about working more closely together.

The changes we have been making internally have been bringing our creative and content teams closer to the performance teams. Having a strong brand drives greater efficiency and opportunity for performance channels.

Performance marketing channels are becoming more interactive and more visual, creating a need for brand marketing to play a bigger role. At the same time, brand marketing campaigns are increasingly being scrutinised by their impact on the bottom line.

This is an exciting time of collaboration between teams as brand messages are delivered across more consumer touchpoints than ever before but this does require a greater need for strategic planning and measurement frameworks, in which we have invested greatly over the last year or so.

One thing you will hear us also talking more about this year is ‘story selling’. We believe that great content should not only build credibility, authenticity, and trust but also be used to persuade people to take action and buy. Too often these objectives become decoupled.

A story is an excellent way of creating emotional engagement with customers and prospects but they should also be used to trigger more sales. Too many companies invest in story telling without driving a sales opportunity and too many companies rely on simple product messages and pricing which is a missed opportunity to truly engage.

We have developed a framework that uses data insights to create stories that do both. We are a team of ‘story sellers’ and look forward to sharing more insight about our approach with you throughout the year.

Jim Hawker, co-founder