MAC Cosmetics fends off rivals in the build up to Valentine’s Day

Impressive improvement of organic visibility ahead of the UK’s romantic night in

Threepipe Reply’s analysis of the top UK beauty brands in the build up to Valentine’s Day has shown a clear winner in the race to capture consumer interest.

MAC Cosmetics has shown the biggest monthly improvement in organic visibility amongst the top beauty brands and captured 2.7 times the monthly gain in the number of search impressions versus The Body Shop, which enjoys the biggest overall number of monthly impressions.

Threepipe has analysed this month’s Google page 1 visibility keywords for some of the UK’s top beauty brands and measured the search uplift versus the previous month in what is a critical time of the year.

Apart from MAC Cosmetics, the results show a fairly low rise in search impressions across the top beauty brands with Clarins and Benefit Cosmetics coming in as joint second highest performers with a 4% increase.

The MAC Cosmetics home page enjoyed a 118% month on month increase in search impressions, driven by branded keywords, confirming the spike in consumer interest towards the brand.

A key number of MAC products are also raising their Google visibility as Valentine’s Day approaches and helping to fuel the brand’s overall high performance:

  • Brush kits +2,000% impressions
  • Foundation +681% impressions
  • Tool Bags +183% impressions
  • False lashes maximiser +118% impressions

Valentine’s Day is big business and especially for cosmetics brands. An estimated £1 billion was spent in 2020 and consumer behaviour experts are predicting that spending this year will smash all records as Brits focus more on their relationships than ever before.

Online beauty sales rocketed in 2020 as beauty salons closed and consumers spent more time on video calls and spent money on their ‘above the keyboard appearance’. Online spending is set to soar again in 2021 and so some of results are rather surprising.

Gino Romagnuolo, SEO Lead, Threepipe Reply: “MAC Cosmetics is head and shoulders above the competition in driving interest in its brand and products into the crucial gifting and purchasing period of Valentine’s Day. With online sales being so key, we would have expected to see more beauty brands doing what they can to maximise sales in the build up to the big night in.”