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Love Home Swap - Growing membership through rebuilding a media strategy

Love Home Swap is a bespoke global holiday home swapping brand that aims to improve on the traditional holiday experience by allowing members of their service to swap their homes with fellow members.

A membership is achieved through the building of a trialist base which is then converted through to membership via property listing and buying a membership package. Given that swapping your home is a complex topic that requires consideration we rebuilt the strategy to drive more effective growth given the audience consideration and user journey.

Prior to working with us the approach was heavily PPC led which was driving extremely high acquisition costs with little actual brand growth. We rebuilt this around 3 key pillars:

1.Developing a social led strategy communicating the key benefits and process around membership to drive brand enquiry and soft conversion metrics such as leads engagement metrics and role that Meta & YouTube have in driving significant uplifts in brand search enquires.

2.Rebuilt a PPC approach around modern search principles to allow greater and quicker data aggregation which is important when overall conversion rate is low to improve the performance through automation but also significantly reducing PPC budgets to allow the social led brand response approach.

3.Worked closely with the client to align CRM and lead approach in the overall conversion path to drive both the data and audience strategy as well as user journey and process optimisation.


Over a 12 month period the total growth in members was 47% despite just a 6% increase in budget and the branded response through direct and brand uplift was more than 80%. From moving away from trying to drive conversions just at the lowest point of the funnel the audience driven approach meant that members driven directly from PPC dropped from 55% to 30% so therefore also reduced reliance on a single channel as a source of acquisitions.