Branding and launching Antstream’s retro gaming platform

Antstream, a disruptive gaming brand came to Threepipe Reply to drive sign-ups through a campaign that fused their modern streaming platform with retro arcade games. With our expertise in brand and campaign strategy we worked closely with the team at Antstream from the initial brand development and positioning right through to creative development, roll-out and website design, ensuring brand consistency and stand-out campaign creative.

The Challenge

With minimal existing brand assets beyond their logo, our task was to develop brand and campaign creative that positioned Antstream as the destination for retro gaming fans.

Following our brand and campaign work we redesigned their website to fit the brand style and mapped user journeys to boost conversion rates.

Our Process

  • Existing brand audit and brand attribute analysis to provide a foundation for brand positioning
  • Brand strategy and development that built on insights from phase 1 to effectively position Antstream in the market
  • Campaign creative development that aligned to brand positioning and achieve cut-through
  • Creative roll-out to deliver stand out campaign assets
  • Website design to boost conversions and inform the user

The Outcome

With a target audience of retro gaming fans for the first year’s marketing activity, we developed a campaign that positioned Antstream as bringing back retro gaming. We developed a core campaign concept of unleashing retro gaming back into the mainstream and with a look and feel that followed suit, leveraging the retro-feel brand to build brand equity.

The central creative was developed into numerous assets that had different relative focusses in terms of brand building and direct response including video assets, GIFs and statics.

The website consolidated the user journeys to ensure conversion was as simple as possible whilst also putting a greater focus on explaining what Anstream was about from both a brand and product perspective.