Barclay’s FA Women’s Super League

For The Barclay's FA Women's Super League we helped boost awareness of the league and attracted new viewers.


The Barclays FA Women’s Super League (BFAWSL) has been firing on all cylinders since season launch, repositioning women’s football from being seen as a good cause to support – to pure sporting entertainment that can’t be missed.

At the center of this ‘Unstoppable’ campaign was a film that featured players from all twelve BFAWSL clubs battling it out at a photoshoot that goes awry.

‘It’s all kicking off’ video content dismantles the stereotypes of female athletes as gender equality pioneers. The athletes are shown as we know them to be; intense, tough, skillful and fiercely competitive as they jostle for position at a photoshoot gone awry.

The Solution:

We pushed the video out across both Facebook and YouTube.

On YouTube, we used multiple formats to maximise impact when targeting against broad football fans, women’s sports fans and those who have shown an interest in live sports and tickets for sporting events.

On Facebook, we maximised reach against our target audience (focusing on women’s football fans but also including men’s football fans who have been shown to have a high affinity to the BFAWSL) to make as many relevant people aware that the BFAWSL was back with a bang.

The Results:


Total impressions delivered were 1.34m with +250k video views.


Total number of engagements was 876k with an engagement rate of 9.2% which is +42% vs. the industry benchmark

47k social/online mentions over opening weekend which was +57% vs. the previous season.


Contributed to awareness for the BFAWSL rising from 66 to 70% amongst football fans and 45 to 51% amongst the general population

Contributed to 7.9m NEW VIEWERS watching the BFAWSL season to date.