Global brand creation for worldwide tennis players

After developing a new rating system for tennis players around the world, the International Tennis Federation needed a brand that could appeal globally to players at grassroots and elite level. Applying our brand methodology and expertise to this challenge, we created the World Tennis Number brand and identity, and continue to provide operational support through launch and continued growth.

 The Challenge

  1. Developed and articulate a full brand strategy and identity for the International Tennis Federation’s new global rating system for tennis players from grassroots to professional standard.
  2. Gain buy in from 200 National Tennis Associations
  3. Produce a user platform optimised for user experience and journeys.

Our Process

We performed extensive stakeholder engagement (200 member countries, multiple languages, locations and political considerations) and internal research to inform the whole project. For the project we provided:

  • Full naming, brand strategy and identity (visual and tone of voice) recommendations
  • Guidelines and toolkit development
  • Ongoing campaign support / training for partners / content creation
  • Website and mobile app development

The Outcome

We developed the ITF World Tennis Number name to provide the level of authenticity required to appeal to tennis players across the world. The simplicity of the name was imperative for translations and communications into numerous languages. Using ‘World Tennis’ also linked the World Tennis Number to other ITF products / tournaments, and ensured it was future-proofed.

We articulated the brand’s mission and vision with inclusive and welcoming values, reflecting the broad appeal that it requires. We built a logo that embodied the fluid strokes of tennis, community spirit, racket strings and the use of the hashtag symbol to represent number. Our look and feel followed suit, using elements of the logo to create a brand that felt truly linked up.

We continue to work closely with the ITF, supporting ongoing communications and acting as brand guardians. Recently, we used the World Tennis Number brand identity to develop website and app designs, with a keen focus on ensuring the best experience for all users.