Greencore – Improving organic visibility to aid discovery and sales across


Convenience food manufacturer Greencore’s sales of its prepared meal range on were being held back by poor organic visibility.

Our analysis revealed that one of the key reasons for this was a lack of volume and quality of independent product reviews and ratings. The average product rating was a poor 3.3 stars.

Ratings and reviews are a key factor in how the Tesco search algorithm ranks product search visibility success.

The Tesco algorithm prioritises products that enjoy a minimum of 4.2 star ratings and also a minimum of 20 reviews. The timing of reviews is also important, with more recent reviews having a bigger impact than historical ones.


Together with Greencore, we identified the top seasonal priority SKU’s that needed the most assistance.

Over a period of three months we worked closely with a range of reviewers that independently purchased and reviewed the product on the Tesco site.

Via our database of product reviewers, we identified the right profile fit for the specific product to ensure an appropriate review.

For example, a family purchase of a 1Kg family lasagne and a couple’s purchase of a more premium prawn linguine.

Our reviewers are also segmented by the supermarket at which they shop, so we are also able to create a natural fit between the reviewer and their food quality expectations.


Over a three month period, we delivered over 240 product reviews across 23 SKU’s on the site.

The average star rating across the portfolio rose from 3.3 to 4.3 stars and above the critical 4.2 stars that we knew would positively impact the Tesco algorithm.

We saw a dramatic improvement in how Greencore ranked for important generic keywords, such as pickles and soups, which leads to new customer sales.

Our work continues with Greencore, as we typically organise 300 reviews per month across 15 priority SKU’s for the site.