Hovis, a renowned British manufacturer of baked goods and bread, was all set to launch their new range of crumpets and was looking to create a buzz around it. As crumpets are a quintessential British breakfast staple, the brand wanted to involve the community and encourage them to try out their new offering.

To support Hovis in this launch, we proposed a blogger campaign that would leverage the power of personal recommendations. Bloggers and social media influencers have a huge impact on their followers’ purchasing decisions and can create a lot of buzz around a product.

We identified and collaborated with popular food bloggers who have a large following on their social media handles. They were given the opportunity to try out the new range of Hovis crumpets and asked to share their honest feedback with their audience.

As expected, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. The bloggers praised the taste and texture of the crumpets, and their followers were equally excited to try them out.

Moreover, the involvement of the community in the campaign created a sense of trust and authenticity around the product.


Our team undertook a comprehensive process of identifying, curating, and filtering suitable bloggers for the campaign, with the aim of finding those who would be the best fit for the new product launch. We invested significant time and effort into researching bloggers who had a strong and engaged following in the food and lifestyle space, as well as a demonstrated ability to produce high-quality content.

Once we had identified our target bloggers, we carefully curated a list of those whom we felt would be the best match for the campaign. We then worked to secure blog placements, negotiating with each blogger to ensure that they were willing and able to feature our product on their site. We provided detailed guidelines for the content they were to produce, specifically requesting that they write about the new product launch and include breakfast and lunch suggestions, which we believed would appeal to their audience.

By leveraging the power of bloggers, we were able to achieve a number of key benefits for our campaign. Firstly, we received additional brand coverage on the individual blogs, which helped to increase awareness of the product and generate interest among a highly engaged audience. Secondly, the reviews and traffic generated by the bloggers helped to drive traffic to the retailer and site, increasing the likelihood of conversions and sales.


In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, time is of the essence. With careful planning, organization, and execution, our team was able to deliver results in just one month (from conception inception to live posts). Our main objective was to create a series of blog posts that would not only engage the audience but also drive traffic back to our client’s product display page (PDP).

To ensure that the content resonated with our target audience, we worked with the bloggers on crafting stories that were relatable and heart-warming (as seen in this image, a romantic Valentine’s Day breakfast as an example). By tapping into human emotions and experiences, we were able to request blog posts that not only entertained but also informed readers. Additionally, we ask that bloggers integrated links back to the Waitrose PDP to ensure that readers could easily access the products featured in the blog posts.

Furthermore, the high-quality and original images can be used across social media and other branding campaigns. With over 30 HD images, our client had a wealth of visual assets that they could use to promote their brand and products in a visually compelling way.