Optimising Flexiseq’s Amazon listings for maximum organic sales and visibility

Flexiseq offers a clinically proven, drug free solution to the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis. Every tube of Flexiseq is packed with nanoscopic droplets called Sequessome® vesicles which have the optimal characteristics for the lubrication of joint cartilage – size, compressibility and hydration. Working via an entirely physical mode of action, the brand offers a safer alternative to traditional painkillers.

Flexiseq’s Amazon product performance was not maximising its full potential due to resellers and competitors dominating their brand pages through aggressive paid advertising. Flexiseq’s AMS campaigns were not structured or targeted for optimal efficiency and were therefore causing significant budget wastage at sub-optimal conversion rates. Furthermore Flexiseq’s products were not achieving optimal visibility across generic terms due to lack of keyword richness in their Amazon product listings.

We restructured the AMS campaigns using our best-in-class campaign structure, focusing spend on brand protection and new customer acquisition.

We also improved organic ranking and listing conversion rates by creating keyword rich product listing copy and ran A/B testing to compare efficiency of titles and images for better sales conversion.


  • -45% decrease in CPC in comparison to old campaign structure
  • 100% increase in conversion rates
  • -71% decrease in average ACOS
  • 237% overall improvement in revenue for every £1 spent