Panasonic Lumix: From Product Page to Product Experience

With the launch of a new member of the highly acclaimed S-Series looming, Panasonic came to Threepipe Reply to create a stand-out webpage that educated and engaged a highly knowledgeable audience. In previous product launches, Panasonic were able to drive significant traffic to their site but visitors weren’t spending any time exploring products. The brief to the creative team was to create something that engaged audiences and showcased the full capabilities of the camera.

Scroll through the window below to see the site in action!




With quick turnaround times we developed a full parallax webpage that put the new S5 camera and its capabilities front and centre. Through the use of parallax scrolling we took the user through a journey, explaining key features whilst allowing them to interact with the page elements and the amazing content captured by the camera.


The best part is it worked – bounce rates were around 20% compared to around 65% on previous product pages with users engaging for three times as long. In addition, the conversion rate was so high we had to remove the CTA as Panasonic ran out of cameras to loan.

What started as an opportunity to do something exciting for a campaign has changed the way Panasonic think about their web pages. With digital media not always offering the opportunity to delve into product or the story, web pages and the increasing ability to deliver more complex features at speed provide a useful touchpoint for interested consumers to connect with products and brands.

As part of an ongoing relationship we also developed a similar page for the S1H camera which you can see below.