Putting Mahabis on the front foot during the pandemic to drive 203% global online revenue growth

Prior to the pandemic we had created an agile media plan which allowed us to pivot media spend quickly into channels that were more proving more efficient in delivering target CPAs for the premium slipper brand.

This strategic approach proved highly effective as the pandemic hit and the global loungewear category and slipper sales soared as people spent more time at home.

The business had previously focused on the bottom of the sales funnel and was keen to drive wider brand awareness. We reset the campaign strategy and KPI targets at all stages of the sales funnel with a highly agile omnichannel strategy to deliver profitable customer acquisition growth.

We launched display activity for UK and US markets to deliver a blend of awareness and engagement KPIs, supported by bespoke paid social campaigns which were split by location and new/returning visitors.

Consumers were served a mix of lifestyle and premium product video and static imagery at different points in the sales consideration journey and the creative was adapted to distinguish between new and returning customers.

As the pandemic crisis rose, there was significant search uplift for slippers and we increased investment in paid search to protect the brand search term and drive new customer acquisition across the international markets.

With increasing demand, it was crucial that creative imagery and messaging focused on Mahabis product with good stock availability, which required close management.


  • 389% increase search impressions UK
  • 43656% increase in search impressions US
  • 52% increase in site sessions
  • 203% increase in site revenue
  • 178% increase in transactions
  • 83% increase in site CVR
  • 48% increase in new users YoY