Delivering real time decision making to Lebara Mobile

Lebara Mobile, one of the UK’s biggest telco providers, asked us to assess the quality of its data and the methodology of its collection in order to provide more trusted data that would allow smarter real-time decision making.

Following a Google Analytics (GA) audit, we identified quick wins and longer-term opportunities for success built around improving their GA configuration. It was clear that Lebara would benefit hugely from implementing ‘true new’ vs. ‘existing’ customer segmentation across their reporting dashboards to better identify key areas for growth.

Our analysis revealed that while true new vs. existing customer segmentation was available, it was very difficult to access. We began an implementation process using a combination of Google Tag Manager and Lebara’s dataLayer to pass transactional information to a reporting dashboard, making the information readily available across the business.

The integration resulted in the following business reporting impacts:

  • Arming Lebara with the ability to quickly view transactions split by customer type through their reporting dashboard
  • Clearer visibility on the performance and effectiveness of marketing tactics
  • Improved UX and CRO strategy by tailoring the website experiences based on customer type (new vs existing)
  • Allowing Search and Display campaigns (Google360)  to be optimised in real time against new vs. existing conversion types