Unicorn – Repositioning For a New Audience

Over the years, Unicorn Darts has established itself as the ‘Big Name in Darts’, but with the darts market becoming mature and saturated, the team needed to look for new, diverse revenue streams to grow the brand.

Working closely with Unicorn, Threepipe’s planning team revised the audience targeting strategy, repositioning Unicorn as an inclusive brand that championed a broader audience.

The creative team devised the ‘For Every Player’ campaign to reflect the change in direction and provide a platform for the content that followed with full brand guidelines for the Unicorn team moving forwards.

Content focused on getting to know some of Unicorn’s best known darts professionals and dispelling the myths about the sport, as well as following a group of influencers as they trained for a tournament. Filming took place over two days, in a studio and at Boom Battle Bar, featuring some well-known faces, such as darts legend Gary Anderson and radio’s Chris Stark.

The content was shared across Unicorn and the star’s social platforms, bringing Unicorn Darts to the next generation of darts fans.


Lastly, the UX and Design team created a microsite as a base for the ‘House of Brands’ brand and home for the For Every Player campaign: https://unicorn-darts.com/