ITF World Tennis Number

ITF World Tennis Number

Developing a Brand Identity and Toolkit

The International Tennis Federation partnered with the Threepipe Reply team for the global launch of World Tennis Number.


The Challenge:

The challenge from ITF was to develop the name, brand identity and messaging for the International Tennis Federation’s new global ranking system  (World Tennis Number) – to be rolled out worldwide and to gain buy in from Tennis players and over 200 National Tennis Associations.


The Solution:

By coordinating and running workshops with representatives from over 200 National Tennis Associations, we identified key stakeholder insights that aided in informing the development of the name, brand identity and associated digital toolkits.

We produced a standout brand logo & identity, complementary to existing ITF corporate and tournament branding. We also produced UX / UI design guidance for the World Tennis Number App and Website. We accompanied the final identity with an engaging launch video, explaining the World Tennis Number system to tennis players around the world.



  • Key stakeholder buy-in and sign off
  • Successful delivery of brand identity & toolkit on time & budget
  • Successful launch of World Tennis Number brand and identity