Panasonic Personal Care

Panasonic Personal Care

Driving Brand Awareness

Panasonic were struggling with a lack of brand awareness of Mens Care Products namely the “Multishape” in European markets (FR and IT)


Careful and sophisticated media planning utilizing a range of different tools to identify the media consumption of Panasonic’s key target demographic. Understanding how frequently each type of media was consumed ensuring that each placement and targeting was focused to driving awareness.

Coupling this with key messaging and emotional drivers to ensure Panasonic stood out from their competitors, driving home USP’s and identifying product strengths. New static content was captured to fill in the creative gaps. 

We then executed creatively through our studio to ensure every piece of creative was tailored to the platform and audience and translated into French and Italian. Using A/B testing across social we optimised creative from overall themes and concepts down to imagery and messaging. 

This approach then led to a significant increase in brand awareness against the benchmark audience and 200% sell out of stock in the markets targeted against 70% average across all markets.


Improvement in brand awareness compared to benchmark.


Increase on sale through in FR and IT compared to 70% average.