Meta Performance Summit: Leveraging AI to maximise peak season results

Meta Performance Summit: Leveraging AI to maximise peak season results

We recently attended the Meta Peak Season Performance summit where we learned valuable insight and best practices on how to leverage AI to drive stronger performance on Meta ahead of peak season.  Our Paid Social Operations Director, Prabha Rai has summarised the key takeaways below:


Meeting Demand with AI

  • Targeting new audiences helps businesses tap into broader audiences in top sectors like sports, beauty, and footwear, enhancing automation and targeting the right demographics.
  • Understanding consumer motivation and identifying common motivations for purchase, optimising creative, targeting, placement, and budget scheduling during peak times.
  • Holiday gifts discoverability is reshaping how holiday gifts are discovered, especially on social media platforms, while traditional platforms see a decline.


Creativity and Engagement

  • Emotion-driven creative and relevance are the top drivers of creative success. AI can analyse millions of ads to identify effective themes and create diverse, engaging content.
  • Innovative Formats:
    • Reels are the fastest-growing format in Meta, providing an immersive experience.
    • New AI features offer text variations, image expansion, and background generation to enhance creative output.
  • Partnership ads can represent diverse communities, while storytelling through AI ensures cultural impact and maintains brand awareness.
  • Collaborating with creators can diversify ad styles and make content more authentic, breaking rigid brand guidelines. There has also been a new launch of the creator marketplace to help facilitate discovering and collaborating with creators, enhancing content reach and engagement.


Advanced AI Tools and Techniques

  • Meta Storytelling allows brands more control over ad sequencing, ensuring the right order and format to maximize impact.
  • Meta Moments gives rapid bursts of content dominate key time periods, driving significant engagement.


Measuring incremental uplift & omni channel sales

  • Incrementality and Conversion Lift will allow us to understand the true impact of ads is crucial. AI helps identify causation in ad performance, differentiating between those who convert without seeing the ad and those influenced directly by marketing efforts.
  • Channel Synergy highlights the synergy between different channels, such as paid search and social media, ensuring the cross-channel impact is fully credited.
  • Boosting Omni-Channel Performance with  integration though AI it can help track offline sales through tools like CAPI enhances overall sales performance, driving traffic and conversions both online and offline.


Meta’s AI is unlocking the next era of growth for businesses by optimising marketing strategies, enhancing creative content, and driving significant sales and engagement. Embracing these AI-driven tools and techniques will help brands win in the ever-evolving digital landscape. If you want to learn about improving performance on Meta, drop us a note at


Published June 18 2024